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Building Futures Medical Staff is a healthcare staffing agency in Los Angeles, California. We offer exceptional customer service, innovative service delivery to clients, and recruitment solutions to make the medical talent acquisition process more efficient.

J. Rapha Management Incorporated, a Nurse Practitioner led company formed in 2016. We saw the devastating effects of COVID-19 and witnessed firsthand the courageous and valiant efforts of hospital staff to care for the sick. Understanding the dedication and sacrifice of the healthcare staffing environment, Building Futures Medical Staff was formed.

Building Futures Medical Staff saw an innovative way to show staff appreciation with monetary awards in the form of scholarships and incentives. The parent company knows that by investing in staff, they also bring excellence, integrity, and quality service to facilities. We believe that a facility is only as good as their staff.

Core Values

1. Bring integrity into the workplace
2. Have a strong work ethic that exudes quality service and patient care
3. Build ourselves to build our client’s brand
4. Promote forward-thinking to foresee our clients’ future needs


Our mission is to empower healthcare practitioners and organizations to achieve their goals through innovative staffing solutions, delivering end-to-end service and experiences.


Our vision is to be the trusted healthcare staffing services partner in the communities we serve, helping healthcare professionals and organizations succeed.

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